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Accounting Services

The accurate and timely processing and recording of financial information provides a business with a valuable tool for measurement, comparison, compliance and decision making. Accounting is the backbone of the business and financial world and accounting originated out of the need to record the effects of business endeavours in trade and commerce.

Accounting provides the financial snapshot that is required to make appropriate business decisions about the current status or the projected future status of a business.

Our Services Include:

Processing of Financial Transactions

  • Proper bookkeeping from source documents
  • Using Pastel accounting software or alternate software
  • Journals, bank, credit and cash transaction processing
  • Processing of debtors, creditors, stock and general ledger transactions
  • Retention of records and proper audit trails for audit and tax purposes

Business Administration Including All Statutory Requirements

  • Compliance with prescribed statutory requirements
  • Complete VAT administration including return completion
  • Administration of “payroll” taxes including PAYE, SDL and UIF
  • Handling Workmen’s Compensation returns
  • Handling full income tax administration

Preparation of Monthly Management Accounts

  • Preparation of management accounts on a regular basis
  • Preparation of cash flows and projections on a regular basis
  • Recording / comparing income and expenses
  • Monitoring income and expenses against budgets
  • Rescue, recovery and remedial actions

Drafting of Annual Financial Statements

  • Measurement of information to previous years
  • Comparison actual versus budgets
  • To finalise and submit the entity's tax return
  • To facilitate and provide the basis for the valuation of the business

Preparation of Budgets and Cash Flow Statements

  • To prepare and plan
  • To use as a benchmark to compare actual performances to expected performance
  • To negotiate or re-negotiate credit facilities
  • To highlight or anticipate potential problem areas in business

Secretarial Work for Companies, Close Corporations and Trusts

  • Founding of companies, close corporations and trusts
  • Acting as auditors for companies
  • Acting as accounting officers for close corporations
  • Acting as trustees for trusts
  • Assisting with statutory requirements such as keeping of minutes, drafting resolutions, stock registers etc.
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